Sunday, 1 March 2015

Challenge 25

Welcome to March Clarity crafters!

Have you managed to secure your place on one of Barbara's workshops yet or are you attending one of the open days?  If you have booked your place already you're in for a treat from the lady herself with lots of techniques, tips and crafting fun.

Just a reminder that Barbara is on our TV screens later on Create and Craft between 09.00 and 11.00. As usual there will be a live chat on the Clarity facebook page whilst Barbara is crafting away on the TV.  Make sure you've got a cuppa ready and waiting so that you don't have to leave the sofa!


The lucky winner of the £50 Clarity voucher and our top 5 will be announced on Tuesday.  Will you be one of the lucky winners?


Here's the theme for our new challenge which will run throughout March:

Anything but a Card
(using Clarity stamps/stencils ONLY)

Art is always diversifying and new techniques being used.  Clarity have gone from stamping and stencilling to mixed media and now canvases whilst still using basic techniques alongside new ones.

We thought we would give you the opportunity, through this challenge, to show us how you've diversified in your crafting and to share your artwork on different mediums apart from card.  You still have to use Clarity stamps, stencils and craft accessories but there's always plenty to choose from over on the Clarity website.  Why not check them out?

You could win a £50 voucher if you are randomly selected as our winner at the end of the month and become our guest designer for the next challenge.

Good luck with the challenge!!

Here is a little bit of inspiration from the design team:

Debbie Rock
(Guest Designer - winner from challenge 23)

Hello everyone … not too sure if I am enjoying my role as guest designer or finding it all way too stressful!  There was NO WAY I was EVER going to enter a challenge, so to find myself here now is somewhat of a surprise!  Ok, I have decided to let go any stress and just enjoy it!

I just turned 55 (EEK!!!!) at the beginning of February and have been married to the love of my life (apart from Donny Osmond!) for 36 years.  Hubby is ten years older than me and took early retirement at the end of 2013 so let’s just say 2014 has been a very challenging year indeed!  We decided very early on that we did not want a family but have been a pretty full on Auntie and Uncle as my sister had four boys in four and a half years (EEK again!!!) … We are a very close family and I love nothing more than large family gatherings around my table for Sunday lunch … exhausting but worth every moment.

I lost my mommy in 2006 and the grief hit me hard.  It was overwhelming and I did not leave the house very much for over five years.  Would be dragged out every 7-8 weeks or so but soon scurried back home.  For some reason the grief began to lift in the middle of 2012 and now there is no stopping me!  Very much back on track again! Not a single moment I don’t think of her, of course, and no idea quite why it all hit me so overwhelmingly as it did but, well, it did and I can’t go back and change that now but can continue to move forward and away from that dreadful period of my life.

I have been crafting in some way or another for as long as I can remember … taught to knit at a very young age by my grandmother and then every craft imaginable has followed.  I taught cake-decorating at night-school for a while and having dabbled in most crafts but I have to say I do love my “paper crafting” and it is a huge part of my life.  Cross-stitching, knitting and crochet are my other main passions.

Is all that too much information about myself?  Probably!  Just really wanted to try and explain that I don’t know where I would be without my crafting … there was that bleak, bleak time when I could not even look at a piece of card or an ink pad but then interest began to return and my craft cupboard became a lifeline … and now it is an every day part of my life and I wouldn’t change it for anything!  I love going along to the monthly Clarity workshops as often as I can and I enjoy working Clarity’s products into my style of crafting.  My style is not everyone’s cup of tea but I do feel any artwork or crafting should be a total reflection of the person doing it … sure, take inspiration from a particular make or brand but then just run with it and see where it leads you.

When I found out the theme for my piece should be “Anything but a Card” I was over the moon and the ideas began to flow … kinda, sorta!  A quick meltdown on Sazz’s shoulder soon put me right and she suggested I base it on one of my wooden hearts that I love to make and I knew instantly which stamp and stencil I wanted to use. Details are on my blog for anyone wanting to know more.

So I hope you like my contribution as guest designer … this whole experience has given me such a boost and it has been an honour to be a teeny-tiny part of the Clarity Challenge.  Thanks for having me.


Here's Debbie's card for this months challenge:


There are several ways of entering the challenge:
  • BLOG - if you have a blog, click on the blue froggy link below and follow the instructions, remembering to link to your blog post and not just your blog
  • EMAIL - if you don't have a blog you can send a photo of your project to us and we'll enter it for you

If you have any questions relating to this challenge please don't hesitate to contact us.  We will answer as quickly as we can in the hope that we can make the Clarity Stamp Challenge go from strength to strength. We can't do this without you!

We hope you have fun with this challenge and we can't wait to see your projects.  You have until 20.00 on 31st March (GMT) to enter.

xx Happy crafting and Clarity hugs xx


  1. Debbie Rock, your heart is fantastic! As a proud owner of one of your hearts I absolutely love your style and the passion you put in to each and every one. Your story though tinged with great sadness has a wonderful outcome, and one that can inspire so many others around you. I am proud to say we are friends, we met through the Clarity workshops led by Saz and you bring such warmth, laughter, fun and some real fine food that I can't imagine not having you as part of my crafting life x

  2. Debbie I love your heart, it's fab! Thank you for sharing your story too, its really inspirational. I hope any one in a similar position to where you were takes heart from it, and can find a similar way to a lovely outcome. x

  3. Wow Debbie your heart is so nice even the colours are just right well done for winning clarity challenge sorry to here you have had such an awful time lately I am not in good health myself my card craft keeps me sane and I go to a knitting group and knit for charity baby's in Africa nice to talk to you xxx

  4. What an inspirational story Debbie. I'm sorry you had to go through such a dark time, but it's nice that you are back in the sunshine. Your artwork is beautiful, and well done on being guest designer. I will be popping onto your blog to check it out.
    Amanda. Xx

  5. Debbie I'm glad you have made your way through the clouds and found your rainbow in your crafting interests; grief can be so debilitating and create many dark places - know that, been there. Your 'Art Heart' is fantastic and I particularly like the colours you have selected. Congratulations, Guest Designer! ;~}

  6. Debbie, you're a wonderful lady and a talented crafter. Quite a few us get into crafting to help us through a dark time and place, me included, and it really helps. Doctors should prescribe this to those in need and see the success rates. I look forward to seeing your entries into the challenge and the inspiration you give to others xx

  7. Hi Debbie - It was great reading about your journey, some sadness , but with happier times ahead for you.
    I love getting wrapped up in my crafting - it certainly does help as a distraction. We lost my dear Mum back in 2008, it is such a great loss! I think of her every day and she will always be with me in my heart & mind. She used to sit with me at the kitchen table when I was crafting, so I have special memories too while I'm sitting creating knowing if she were here she would have been giving me encouragement to keep doing what makes me happy.
    I absolutely love your work of art Debbie - I love the colours and techniques you've used to create this.
    I look forward to seeing a lot more from you now you've started enjoying this new chapter of your life.
    Take care, Carole xxx

  8. Hiya Debbie. A marvellous piece of art. I hope that you enjoy this month ahead and we look forward to seeing more of your fantastic work. Hugs x

  9. I love your design Debbie it's very well done. Xx

  10. Super design piece Debbie, so glad you have climbed out of the long dark tunnel. Hope you have many happy crafting days with great friends and enjoy every minute. Wishing you all the very best.

  11. Well done Debbie, I love your heart, Beautiful. Glad that crafting has helped you, it is hard when we lose someone we love. Well done to the design team as well for all the inspiration. Will be interesting to see all the entries this month. xx

  12. I have tried to reply to each of you but the messages bounce back as emails ... am obviously doing something wrong! Thanks for all your lovely comments .. love Debbie x

  13. Hi Debbie, Lovely design piece, You Rock ! It was lovely to read more about you and what crafting means to you, it's certainly got me thro' some tough times as well. I agree with Sazzle's point that crafting should be put on prescription.

    Great inspiration from the design team as well x

  14. What an awesome challenge with such amazing contributions!!! Everyone is soooo talented and creative! So much inspiration. They're all winners!

  15. A bit late joining the party this year, but just in time for this challenge which is brilliant. Some amazing entries this month and the DT inspiration is just wow.!


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