Saturday, 16 November 2013

NEC - November 2013

Welcome to the weekend Clarity crafters!

It doesn't feel like a week has passed since we were at the NEC does it?  Were you there?  Did you have fun?

I got to meet many of you either personally or whilst you were watching my demonstrations and it's such a delight every time I do a show to spend time with you.  None of this would be possible though without your support and of course from the Clarity team too, so thank you to everyone.

We thought it would be nice to share a few special moments with you from last weekend.

Now I'm not sure whether this is my youngest crafter or not, but Massimo Pace is only 5 years old and produces some wonderful artwork and I had the pleasure of meeting him on Saturday.  He dressed up in a shirt a tie especially for the occasion.

Crafting is all about spending time with friends, so a few of the design team along with the Clarity gang on the stand got together on the Friday night for a meal and boy did we have a laugh.  Here we all are with the napkin holders pretending to be Zorro.

Did anyone watch the Fiskars challenge on Saturday?  There was Joanna Sheen, Dawny P and myself with Rob (the MDF man) as compare and we were given the challenge of creating a Christmas card using the new Fuse Creativity System.  To start off with we all had to be shown how to use it as we didn't have a clue and then we set to work.  Then we were marked down for copying other peoples ideas, talking too much, borrowing other peoples craft tools etc.  We then had a health and safety rule we had to follow along with a piece of health and safety equipment we had to wear, this scored us extra points. Joanna's was a pair of ear defenders, Dawny P's was a life jacket and mine was a breathing mask. Great fun was had by all and we all walked away with a bottle of bubbly for our efforts.

Clarity and I would like to thank you for your continued support and to show my gratitude I've got a couple of giveaways on my personal blog - One Day at A Time.

Barbara Gray Blog

I hope you're enjoying my daily blog posts and are able to join in with the step-by-steps as well as trying out some of the other ideas too.  Crafting is all about sharing isn't it?

Why not use what you've learnt so far and take part in the monthly Clarity challenge?  You could win a £50 Clarity voucher to spend on the website. This months challenge is Christmas, so come on give it a go, I love looking at your artwork.

Have a great weekend xx


  1. I'm hoping to get to the NEC next time - it looks like so much fun!!

  2. You were great at the NEC Barbara, I was there when you met Massimo, he's gorgeous and so talented, I'm sure we'll be watching him on tv in a few years. I'm the nuisance lady who didn't know how to use Angelina fibres, and you were kind enough to change your demonstration to show me. Thanks again for being such an inspiration.

  3. What a wonderful weekend it was too! Can't wait for the next one!

  4. I love these weekends, with all that bonding, and laughing and shopping what more could you want. Isn't it funny what a bunch of grown up Ladies (I use the term loosely) will do on a night out!!! Thank you Barbara it was great. xxx

  5. What a fantastic time was had by us all at the show and the evenings that followed. Thank you to Jo (My Roomie for putting up with me!) Roll on the next time.

  6. looks like a fun time was had x

  7. wo and the highlight pic is of Massi. i'm touched xx

  8. I enjoyed looking at the photographs on Kath's blog with the ladies using the Fuse system. I hope to be able to make it back to the NEC one day and one to make it to one of Barbara's workshops - thank you for sharing with us xx

  9. I had a fantastic time and it was so good to catch up with Clarity Friends, Family and Followers..
    So looking forward to the next


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