Saturday, 6 April 2013

In the Classroom with Barbara - Lesson 15

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Barbara was back "in the classroom" this morning with Leonie for lesson 15.  Were you there for the register or have you got to report later?

Here's a reminder of the equipment that you need for this lesson:
Today's lesson was an insight into the art of pointillism which is the technique of using dots or small patterns to fill a space and create texture to your image.

Here are the stamps that Barbara used in the lesson and you will see that the tree stamp has plenty of open space in which to use your creativity with the patterned stamps underneath.  There are 9 of each pattern in three sizes.  The kit is called Making a Point

Here's a few pictures taken during this mornings show, please forgive the quality as they were taken directly from the TV.

 Leonie concentrating hard on her work

 Showing Barbara's masking and shading of the trees
and also the water in the background

 Barbara's finished artwork
(the stripes weren't part of the artwork, that was from
me taking a photo of the TV, although I think they look quite effective!)

Barbara and Leonie comparing their finsihed artwork

We hope you managed to keep up with Barbara and had fun along the way too.  Here are some of the pieces of art that the Clarity crafters on facebook have made whilst they crafted along with the show this morning:

Lynne Hammond

 Doreen Sympson

Claire Byrne

Jane Telford

Joy Steels

We'd love to see your artwork in the next "In the Classroom" show on Create and Craft on Saturday 4th May.  Here's the address to send your homework to:


If you'd like to be prepared for part 2 of lesson 15, which will be shown on Saturday 4th May, here's a reminder of the equipment needed.  
And then of course we have part 1 of lesson 16.  Here's a reminder of the equipment needed for that and of course the stamps that you will need to purchase to "craft-along-a-Barbie":

Here's a couple of samples from the design team to give you an idea of what you could create with your stamps, but of course Barbara will be showing you her own twist on these during the lesson too

Janet Pring


Of course tomorrow we've got 3 more hours of Clarity where Barbara will be joined by Dean Wilson and Nigel May.  Sounds like fun doesn't it?  Hope you can join her!

xx Happy crafting and Clarity hugs xx


  1. ooowww I love the new stamps... I am hopin to save up and get them next week.... I had a play with the stamp set 15... but I tell you .. the phone rang... the hubby came home asking for a hand with the shopping to be brought in the house... so I ended up having to stop playing... but made up for that the night...

    1. Doesn't that always happen! At least you had fun in the end :-) xx


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