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Spotlight on Linda Barton - Top 5 from Challenge 7

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We thought it would be nice to have spotlight posts throughout the month dedicated to our top 5 from the last challenge "VINTAGE"  We hope you enjoy reading about their crafting journey and you never know it could be you in the spotlight next month.

Hello, my name's Linda and I'm a Clarity addict!

I've always been a bit crafty and resourceful I suppose.  I remember my earliest crafty make was born out of wanting a dog (read on, all will become much clearer!)  As I was the youngest of three children with both Mum and Dad working they didn't think the time was right for us to have a dog. So, undeterred I made myself a dog which was modelled on Dougal from the Magic Roundabout! Clarity fans of a certain age will remember Magic Roundabout; younger fans may need to Google it! Anyway my Dougal had long fur made of electric blue wool (what else?) and, so that I could take it a walk up and down the garden, I attached it to one of my roller skates, I made a lead and voila!  I had a dog that walked - sort of!  I was in my twenties at the time (only joking, I must have been 7 or 8).

When I was older I was given a tapestry kit for Christmas so I was hooked on that for a while.  I also loved sewing, making curtains, cushions and sometimes clothes.

I've always been interested in art, having absolutely no drawing or painting skills, but admiring others that have this talent and over the years have spent many a happy hour wandering around art galleries.

My love of Clarity stamps didn't take off straight away as I wasn't really a stamper.  I remember seeing Barbara on Create and Craft demo'ing a card with a ship, an anchor and a lighthouse.  I hadn't seen anything like it before and was amazed when she got her brayer out and a beam of light seemed to appear from nowhere on the card.  I loved the perspective of the ship coming towards you and the beam of light coming from the lighthouse against the dark sky.  That was art to me!  I still wasn't tempted to buy as I knew it was beyond me to achieve something like that.  I saw a few more demo's over the following months and heard Barbara say on one show that Clarity was based quite near Crowborough.  This just happened to be where my Dad came from and also where I'd spent many a happy summer and Christmas holiday, staying with grandparents who lived in that area.  I liked the idea of supporting a company that was local to where my lovely Day came from!  So, with that odd connection and the fact that there were no other stamp designs like Clarity, I took the plunge and bought the large peace stamp, Christmas window and miniatures set.

That was the start!  Since then, and over time, I've gone through quite a bit of copier paper and card, but I've learnt so much about stamping and art techniques (colouring, shading, dimension, perspective etc) particularly from Barbara's TV shows and especially with the classroom shows.  I love the quality and design of Clarity stamps and really like the fact that some of the designs are in different sizes so that you can get perspective if you are picture building.  I'm in the New Design Club and have been slowly building up my collection of stamps over the last couple of years.  I would also say, without a doubt, joining in the challenges and sending in homework has helped me, as I find that 'doing it' is really the best way to learn.  The mistakes you make, the paper and card you screw up and throw away is all part of the fun!


Here's Linda's vintage masterpiece using the fabulous La Petite Musique image.  Isn't she elegant?

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xx Happy crafting and Clarity hugs xx

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